PT SUMBER AGRO SEMESTA (“PT SAS”) is a privately owned company that its focus is to support the Government’s program to reach national food security. In this matter, the main problem for Indonesia to achieve food security is the inefficient use of modern agricultural technology and the imbalance between consumption and production quantities.

To support its business in 2004 PT SAS established cooperation with China namely with (i) Sichuan Guo Hao Seed Industry Co. Ltd  to develop varieties of hybrid rice together with (ii) China Mianyang Research institute for Agricultural Science which controls a large market share of rice-seeding industry all over China. On the results of such cooperation PT SAS managed to introduce hybrid rice seeds from China for the first time in 2007.

Based on the results of the population census, the population level in Indonesia grew about 1.25% per year with a population of approximately 240 million inhabitants. Meanwhile, the production of rice in Indonesia is only increased by 216,000 tons per year. Without proper and effective handling, sooner or later the rice as a primary  needs will have an in-short, as productive rice fields in Indonesia continues to decline rapidly (about 40,000 hectares of rice fields change function annually).

We believe one of the effective solutions to resolve those issue is to start planting hybrid seeds over all Indonesia’s rice field. This was proven in 2009 when the production of rice in Indonesia finally met the required level of self-sufficiency. In order to maintain this level of production PT SAS is committed in improving the production and supply the varieties of high quality of high quality hybrid rice-seeds by intensely working with both government and non-government agencies, domestically and internationally, such as: Indonesian Logistic Agency (BULOG), Indonesian Agricultural Ministry, farmers co-operatives, regional agricultural agencies in Indonesia, agricultural universities, the Chinese Agricultural Ministry, and many more. In achieving the goal of food self-sufficiency in 2017, PT SAS was selected as one of the companies that are trusted to manage agricultural land owned by PT SANG HYANG SERI which is a State-Owned Enterprises for the production of hybrid rice seeds in 2015.